My Name Is Janez Janša

HD / 68 min / Color / Sound 5.1 / 2012 / Slovenia

My Name is Janez Janša is a documentary film about names and name changes, focusing on one particular and rather unique name change that took place in 2007, when three artists officially changed their names into the name of the Prime Minister of Slovenia, Janez Janša.

Featuring: Mladen Dolar, UBERMORGEN.COM, Eva and Franco Mattes, Antonio Caronia, Vaginal Davis, Marco Deseriis, Kristin Lucas, and many others. Cameos by Jan Fabre, Vuk Ćosić, Tim Etchells…
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“… a full-blooded documentary investigation, which constantly seduces and provokes the spectator and keeps the answers out of her reach, although they seem so close at hand.

— Ženja Leiler, Pogledi, 10 Oct 2012


The jury of the Red House Art Doc Prize has assigned the award for best documentary dedicated to the art to My name is Janez Janša with the following motivation:

…for the construction of the documentary, constantly surprising, for the originality of the theme, treated in narrative form with a very broad philosophical value, but regarding at the same time very specific cases. The jury has recognized and appreciated the ironic gaze on contemporary art and its paradoxes; on politics and its vulnerability and on the way a performance can leave the boundaries of the art territory and spread its tentacles into the social sphere.