In the media

“… a documentary film which, according to experts, does not belong to the genre at all; rather, we could say it is an audio-visual record of sorts, which could have been made for the internet by anyone, without them getting the taxpayers’ money to do it, of course …

— Biserka Karneža Cernjak, Reporter, 15. 10. 2012

My Name Is Janez Janša is, no doubt, one of the best recent Slovenian documentaries, which brings a seemingly abstract, philosophical topic into the field of social reflection and makes it thoroughly substantial. As such, it will trigger a plethora of interpretations, for it occupies a slippery terrain all along and keeps the spectator in suspense. Furthermore, the film produces surplus with the very medium of documentary: regardless of the fact that the film could be, conditionally, pigeonholed as a ‘talking heads’ movie, these ‘heads’ are embedded in a unique and extremely dynamic form of presentation. It would certainly deserve the award for best documentary at this year’s festival.

— Ženja Leiler, Pogledi, 10. 10. 2012

“… not only witty and intelligent, but also a ‘proper’ documentary or one that presents and analyses a real problem from all perspectives, leaving no stone unturned.

— Zdenko Vrdlovec, Dnevnik, 1. 10. 2012

Documentary that has stirred up Slovenia
without anyone having even seen it.

— Marcel Štefančič jr., Mladina, 18. 5. 2012

My Name is Janez Janša is a documentary about a silent, slow, peaceful, permanent revolution.

— Marcel Štefančič jr., Mladina, 18. 5. 2012

My Name Is Janez Janša is a fine mixture of documentary, biography, essay, study and travelogue with a lively sense of irony and self-irony.

— Marcel Štefančič jr., Mladina, 18. 5. 2012

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