Since 2007, the name – readymade “Janez Janša” has been put on display in different public contexts, and in different forms: from media facades to beaches to public monuments, and either mimicking the modes of production of land art, street interventions or media performances, these signature events all explore, in a playful way, the philosophical, symbolical and conceptual implications of the signature, while working, like every “tag,” as the public reaffirmation of an identity.

Signature (Horse Seddle)

Konjsko sedlo, 2007

Signature (Hollywood Walk of Fame)

Los Angeles, 2007

Signature Event Context

Berlin/Online, 2008

Signature (Kunsthaus Graz)

Graz, 2008

Signature (Copacabana)

Rio de Janeiro, 2008

Signature (Monnaie de Paris)

Paris, 2014


Signature (Horse Seddle), Konjsko sedlo, 2007, Action
Signature (Horse Seddle), 2007

Signature (Hollywood Walk of Fame), Los Angeles, 2007, Action
Signature (Walk of Fame),
Los Angeles, 2008

janez jansa_signature-event-context_detail
Signature Event Context,
Berlin, 2008

Signature (Kunsthaus Graz), Steirischer Herbst, Festival of new art, Kunsthaus Graz, 2008. Photo: Peter Rauch
Signature (Kunsthaus Graz),
Graz, 2008
Photo: Peter Rauch

Signature (Copacabana), Rio de Janeiro, 2008
Signature (Copacabana),
Rio de Janeiro, 2008

Signature (Monnaie de Paris), Intervention on John Baldessari's Your Name in Lights, Paris, 2014. Photo: Rodrigo Digeon
Signature (Monnaie de Paris),
Paris, 2014
Photo: Rodrigo Digeon

Printed Matters



Signature (Copacabana Beach),
Making of, 2008